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The idea

We were curled up under blankets in my cozy living room, wine glasses in hand, after my daughter had gone to bed. Four girlfriends and I had gathered to laugh and cry about mothers, intuition, belonging, and sex. 

The conversations felt deeply necessary to all of us. I thought of you. I wished you could experience that, too.

Could such a feeling be recreated online? I wondered. Could we still connect with each other -- see each other's faces, hear each other's voices -- in intimate conversations? 

Because it's the talking that I think we need. Not the typing on Facebook. Not texting for 20 minutes about something that could be said in two. Let's create space in our lives for talking deeply.

Let's talk with each other.

And let's not just talk about anything, but about what matters. How we align our lives with our vision. What's getting in the way. What's working. What we want for ourselves and our children--but especially ourselves. How to get there. 

Not just tools and techniques, but transformation.

That's my vision for the Calm & Confident Collective.

This is a community for parents who believe that children should be seen and feel heard ... perhaps because we didn't grow up that way and we refuse to pass that on to our children. 

This is for those of us who have been focused on what others want and need for so many years that we barely know what we want and need ... and we're ready to change that. 

This is for those of us who feel triggered by our kids in ways we never saw coming and maybe don't want to admit. We know how we want to respond. But in the heat of the moment, we keep making the same mistakes. We're ready to stop wondering what's wrong with us and start seeing a real shift.

This is for those of us who notice the loss of an essential part of ourselves -- and are seeking its return. 

This is for those of us who feel weighed down by expectations but want the lightness of joy and peace.

This is for those of us who wish for more of three deeply necessary things in our lives: 

A caring community that envelops us. 

The feeling of being heard when we speak. 

A kinder way of seeing ourselves and our children, once and for all.

Or, as I'm putting it:

Belong. Be heard. Behold.

That's my vision for the Calm & Confident Collective.

Three ways we treat each other. 

Three pillars of a powerful shift in our lives.

In the Collective, we begin to not only hear but heed the whispers of our intuition. We reclaim what feeds our souls. Tension in our relationships falls away. We feel freedom from frustration, power struggles, and worry. We still hit rough patches, sure. But they don't have such power over us. We don't berate ourselves. The replay no longer loops endlessly in our minds. We know how to navigate the situation, we know we don't need to do it perfectly, and we keep moving forward.

We're calm and confident.


If you've followed me for a while, you know that I care most about perspective shifts, because they allow us to make huge leaps forward. I care about the kinds of insights that change us at our core.

That's because I have experienced massive change in my life, from perfectionism to presence and from fear to joy. I know it doesn't happen through beating ourselves up. I know it doesn't happen through willpower. I know it CANNOT happen alone. My journey is 40 years in the making, and I'm grateful for every step. I'm even more grateful about what it means for my daughter. 

And I'm still learning. 

I have a lot to share, and so do you. You and I each bring incredibly important strengths and perspectives to the conversation. We're in this together. We're stronger together.

What we're going to do in the Collective

Through reflection exercises and conversations via video chat, we will:

Rediscover our essence

Find compassion for where we came from 

Feel accepted, valued, and heard

Give others the gift of feeling that way

Practice new ways of seeing and speaking to our children, our partners, and ourselves

Claim our boundaries

Cut power struggles in half

Raise confident, independent, resilient children

Learn from each other

Create this community together

That's my vision for the Calm & Confident Collective. 

Are you in?

Zero to Five

Tracy Cutchlow

Tracy Cutchlow is the author of the international bestseller Zero to Five: 70 Essential Parenting Tips Based on Science. She is a public speaker, the editor of the Brain Rules books, a licensed Language of Listening® coach, and on the board of Program for Early Parent Support (PEPS). Two beliefs drive her work with parents: No new parent should feel alone. Every child should be seen and feel heard.  Tracy is a mom, a recovering perfectionist, an award-winning former journalist, a triathlete, a yogi, and a lover of nature. She lives in Seattle, where you'll find her biking around with her husband and their spirited 6-year-old daughter.

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